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GT Mision

Christ gave Himself for us, that He might redeem us and purify us unto Himself, a peculiar people, zealous of good works.

Titus 2:14

GT Vision

That every member will be a living model of genuine salvation, sanctification, and service to the Lord.

Glory Skills Acquisition Programme

It is the expectation of the programme to increase the income generation and employment opportunities of the unemployed and the underemployed youth in Ibadan city and beyond. The programme is designed to achieve this empowerment through vocational, technical and agricultural skills training for selected school leavers, drop-outs and destitute in the society.

Ultimately the Glory Skills Acquisition Programme is designed to inculcate positive attitude to self, environment and the society, eradicate poverty, reduce illiteracy and equip the beneficiaries with job skills which enable them to get employed. In lieu of employment, the beneficiaries are expected to set up their own small business enterprises.


Transforming lives from hopelessness to hope through skills acquisition, capacity building and practical training


Helping disadvantaged members of the community undergo structured vocational training such that the trained beneficiaries are able to earn a living and at the same time be good disciples in God's vineyard

Programme Goal

The goal of GSAP is to establish and institutionalise a sustainable programme that will provide literacy, technical and life skills training, job creation services, and institutional strengthening to disadvantaged men and women in the society. Individuals exposed to GSAP training will be empowered to overcome pre-occupational barriers limiting their self-esteem and spiritual growth and be transformed into productive members of the society.

Specific Objectives

  • To contribute to national effort in transforming social miscreants, prostitutes and unemployed youths into productive members of the Nigerian Labour Force.
  • To provide vocational and agricultural training for school drop-outs, especially those without certificate who usually fall outside formal education institutions and are consequently unemployed.
  • To provide training, job placement and follow-up in a cost effective manner
  • To develop in trainees a positive attitude to self and work.
  • To encourage entrepreneurship through self- employment by providing skills necessary to start small businesses

Mode of Operation

Strategies geared toward the attainment of set objectives include enriched practical training through placement of trainees at accredited on-site and off-site training centres. Training is pragmatic by qualified and experienced experts and executors of the project, with emphasis on practical learning. Presently a network of community-based training centres, consisting of volunteered workshops, offices, farms and other outlets are used to offer training through hands-on activities comprising 80% practical and 20% theoretical work. Regular appraisals and monitoring of trainees and trainers are carried out to ensure compliance and grasp of basic course contents and efficient training performance.

Major Component of GSAP

  • Technical Skills Training - GSAP has been equipping the youths and members of the society with vocational/technical skills since 2004. Three sets of community youths have completed their trainings in various vocations as at August 2010. The existing and proposed vocational/Technical/Agricultural skills training courses are listed below:
    • Adult literacy
    • Computer operations
    • Language Studies (French)
    • Catering
    • Tailoring and Fashion Design
    • Weaving and Knitting
    • Polutry Keeping and Snailery
    • Barbing and Hair Dressing
    • Music (guitar, organ, drums and trumpet)
    • Photography
    • Carpentry
    The above courses are designed to help beneficiaries develop competitive job skills and attitude necessary for finding gainful employment or assist them in creating new jobs. A competency-based, non-formal approach to training underlies all GSAP courses.
  • Life Skills Training (Feeder Courses) - All trainees who enroll in GSAP will undergo 90 hours pre-vocational training in feeder courses. These courses are designed to build character and prepare trainees with the world of work. They include the following: Home Care Management, Personal Development, Attitudinal and Motivational skills and HIV/AIDS and STIs

Upcoming Event:

Men and Marriage Seminar

June 3rd, 2017

ADM is an end-time move of the Holy Spirit to restore the practice of apostolic-styled (life-transforming) discipleship in the church of the 21st century and beyond.
To make available to the church in all the continents of the world, the knowledge, practical skills, and resources, for effective apostolic-styled discipleship, by which believers can grow more systematically into the image of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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The School in its origin, concept and course content is designed to train Christian leaders or potential leaders. It started in 1990 by a vision the Pioneer General Pastor of the Ministry Dr U Obed received from God of the need for the training of leaders for the contemporary Church. Its present structure as an organized training school came into being in 1995 when 189 participants graduated from the school.

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The Apostolic Discipleship Movement organizes these strategic training sessions with view to enable disciple makers, pastors and church leaders and other committed individuals with skills and capacity to initiate, conduct and sustain transformational discipleship programs using tested apostolic discipleship movement materials.
Participants are also trained to be able to develop apostolic discipleship training materials.

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The Believers Spiritual Growth program is the product of the ADM effort in developing a life-transforming discipleship programs. It comprises bible study materials developed in line with the three stages of spiritual growth as espoused by the ADM.
There are forty five bible study outlines in the first stage, and sixty in the second stage. The third stage is a formal teaching on identifying, developing and deploying one’s destiny fulfilling ministry.

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I thank God for His Word is true. God told me in 1989 (when I gave my life to Jesus Christ): "You will be light to all nations". It had been happening in various ways. It happened again in May, 2015. I won the Tetfund Award as the first person to have ever won such in my faculty. Because the devil was angry, the money was withheld. In the last miracle service (January, 2016), I brought the matter before God. The servant of God (Pastor Obed, Mummy Chy, and Pastor Akinbola) declared the word of God on the approval and assured me that it was done. It has been actualized.

God moved mightily and it is really done because the management has decided that soon I will be interviewed on our radio and in the university's weekly bulletin to prove to the university community that this grant can be won by researchers in humanities because people think it is only researchers in science alone that can win it. Our God is good. A sister.

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